Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Handmade Calendar !

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! Haha had been quite quiet around here as I finally found a full-time job to gain some working experience before furthering my studies next year! 8.30-6pm on weekdays is taking all my time to allow me to sit down and craft.. but I was totally in a crafting mood last Sunday! Been thinking about how to make my workdesk more lively and fun.. and thought of the need to get a new calendar.. so I just made one last week! 

The good thing about it being handmade is that you can choose whatever papers/embellishments to decorate your calendar, and since its already May, I decided that I should create my calendar from May2013-Apr2014, but I could still add pages if I want to :D haha! 
I also attached the days on each month using staple bullets, which means I could always reuse the background and change just the dates for next year, the following year and so forth!

Hope you guys had liked it! Thanks for popping over :D

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