Saturday, 1 September 2012

CSI #34 - Relaxing~

Hellllo everyone! Exams are finally over and i have time to scrapbook again! This week's case #34 color palette is soooo sweet, don't u agree?
And what I had created was..
 I did this layout inspired from the ones I have came across in Prima's blog :) Lots of texturing and layers!
 I used all the colors stated, and as for the evidence, I used wet medium on..
Lots of Gesso on the embossed areas and a little blue misting in the middle
 Stripes on the striped paper for my layerings of papers..
 And for the testimony, I documented on what I like to do to relax, which was drinking tea! so I journal about the types of tea I like in a top 5 list with a ribbon to the tag..

(Ugly handwriting i know ._.)

 And a few more closeup pics...

Thats my take on the case and have a good weekend! :)

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  1. This is very pretty. I love your bold statement withnthe gesso and the mist in the center. That list is very inventive too. ..-And I actually think you have a lovely handwriting,... :-)